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Studyhuman is the easiest way for student creators to host 1:1 video sessions. Create beautiful pages, schedule sessions and collect payments all from one place.

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Turn your audience into loyal, paying followers and foster deeper relationships through delightful conversations.

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Studyhuman is a personal home for your most loyal fans. Welcome them on your stunning page and interact through 1:1s.

A new income source, instantly

Set your own prices and start earning instantly. Get paid on time, every time, without dealing with bills or invoices.

Frictionless scheduling

No back-and-forth emails. Our powerful calendar only offers times that work with your availability across your calendar.


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Conoce más

You'll have total creative control over how your page looks and feels

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Studyhuman connects to the tools that you know and love

Some examples of what our students get done...

Aced the GMAT
Finished mid-term exams
Submitted history term paper
Completed weekly problem set
Handed in a long overdue group project after months of procrastination

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trusted by thousands of students across the globe

What is Studyhero?

Studyhero is a video platform for silent studying. Studyhero changes the way you study by increasing your peer accountability. Don't rely on sheer willpower and motivation anymore.

How does it work?

Join one of the video rooms and quietly start studying. Whilst audio will be automatically muted, you have the option to disable video. However, we encourage you to leave it on for maximal accountability. Reclaim your focus and attention.

Who can join Studyhero?

Studyhero is only available for currently enrolled university students. Our mission is to build the most engaged, global and indistractable student community in the world to unlock human potential. Read our Vibes Manifesto and join studyhero.

Is Studyhero safe?

Studyhero uses Zoom for its video rooms. Zoom is based on 256-bit AES-GCM encryption. The safety and privacy of our student community is very important to us. Any suggestions how we can improve? Write us here.

How do I report an incident?

You can report an incident here. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. We have zero-tolerance policy towards any form of harassment, abuse or discrimination. Thank you for protecting the wellbeing of our community. Check out our Community Guidelines.

Student-friendly tech. For everyone.

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