The Mission

When my grandparents immigrated to Europe over 40 years ago they arrived with very little. Thankfully, they had their education to fall back on. Through hard work and persistence they built a life of purpose, adventure and memories.

I’m a privileged recipient of their hard work and education.

Today, our education can no longer be our last line of defence. What university you went to and who you know is often more important than your actual knowledge.

Looking at the numbers, we can see that credentialism doesn’t serve us well. Over 48% of college students are in jobs that don't require a degree and nearly 40% of graduates couldn’t find a job that relates to their degree. 

Having attended these supposedly world-class universities, I can confidently say they’re a terrible proxy for skills, ambition, and creative energy.

Let’s be honest here. Higher education is a place for the privileged few and not the many. So why should we let higher education institutions have a monopoly on education? And why should we let these gatekeepers decide over our financial futures?

Instead, let’s envision a future where every student is valued for their unique knowledge. One, where we can advocate for ourselves and own our full financial upside.

This is where Studyhuman comes in. Studyhuman is the infrastructure layer that allows fiercely ambitious students to scale and monetize their knowledge. It's the place where you can access the world’s best student educators and build more direct and intimate relationships with them.

Everyone can build a personal knowledge monopoly they can financially benefit from. And they should. Studyhuman just gives them the tools.

The future is where every student is a creator. Everyone is a Studyhuman.

So let’s stop asking for permission. Let’s get started.

Fabio Richter
Founder, Studyhuman
London, UK

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